• Calm The F**k Down

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Calm The F**k Down

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Picture yourself escaping to a remote island with Francisco the pool boy while sipping this delightful coconut, Caribbean fruit rooibos.

WHAT'S INSIDE:  15 whole leaf tea sachets filled with Green Rooibos, Natural Flavor, Coconut Shred (Gluten Free)

WHY IT WORKS:  Green Rooibos serves as an anti-inflammatory while improving circulation, aiding digestion and relieving hypertension.  On top of that it's beneficial for your bones, teeth, hair and skin.

WHY YOU NEED TO CALM THE F**K DOWN:  Adulting is hard.  Like, really hard.  You're late for work and there's crazy traffic.  There's mascara in your eye, concealer on your white pants and to top it off, it appears as though wild dogs have been chewing on your nails and the ends of your hair because you have no time for basic maintenance.  Nothing is okay today.

Don't drive your car into an embankment.  Just breathe and have a soothing sip of Calm the F**k Down.  You'll be instantly transported to a Caribbean island with Franciso, the pool boy, tending to your every need.  Aloha!  We've got you girl.


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