• Das Beer Boot with Handle Set
  • Das Beer Boot with Handle Set

Final Touch

Das Beer Boot with Handle Set



These Beer Boots, or "Bierstiefeln" in German, will hold up to 23.6oz or 700ml of your favourite brew each & stand almost 8 inches tall.  The added handle provides some extra grip while drinking.

Why a Boot?

The beer boot, or "Bierstiefeln" in German, is believed to have been introduced by a German general.  The general promised his troops a drink from his boot if they were victorious in battle  When victorious, the general had a boot made from glass to fulfill his promise to his troops.

The Beer Boot Trick

Drinking from a beer boot can be a challenge and can result in an unexpected beer shower if not done correctly.  The trick is to slowly point the toe to the left or right as the glass is emptied.  If the toe is pointed upwards while drinking, the toe will build up pressure and release unexpectedly, spilling beer everywhere.

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