• Get Your Sh*t Together

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Get Your Sh*t Together



So you took a ride on the "Hot Mess Express" last night.... no biggie.  This lemongreass and ginger snap green tea will help ease your hangover so you can focus on issuing apologies.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 15 whole leaf tea sachets filled with Green Tea, Ginger Root, Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle (Gluten Free)

WHY IT WORKS: Both Lemongrass and Ginger have been used medicinally to help cure stomaches, nausea and pain.

WHY YOU NEED TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER:  Okay, so you really need to work on your life at the moment.  You went out with co-workers last night and preformed karaoke in front of your boss.  You may or may not have tried to hug him.  Now you need to find a new job.  All aboard the hot mess express!  It's fine.  Keep your head up and own that sh*t.  You're fabulous and edgy and that's why we love you.  We'll work on easing your hangover and you can work on your resume.

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