• I Was An Awesomer Kid

Brad Getty

I Was An Awesomer Kid



Face It:  You were awesome when you were a kid.  You feared nothing.  You spoke your mind.  You tried new things.  You had imagination.  Now you play by the rules, dress appropriately, and choose politeness over self-expression.  Well, life's too short for that and this book proves it.  Vintage photographs of real kids doing awesome stuff-wearing footie pj's, eating sugar cereal, napping, and showing off-accompany witty captions that poe fun at the doldrums of adult life and reminds us to unleash our inner kid.  With a hilarious dose of 80's an 90's nostalgia, just enough snark, and an ultimately uplifting message, I Was An Awesomer Kid is a great gift for all who are young at heart....or wish they still were!

  • 136 pages
  • 6.21" x 7.02"


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