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Namaste Mother F**ker



If you're obsessed with yoga pants but the words "warrior pose" mean absolutely nothing to you, this raspberry orange green tea is the blend for you! #SpandexAndNetflix

WHAT'S IN IT: 15 whole leaf tea sachets filled with Green Tea, Natural Flavors, Raspberry Pieces, Orange Peel (Gluten Free)

WHY IT WORKS:  Green Tea contains bioactive compounds that improve your health in many ways; it's good for brain functions and weight management.  It's one small thing you can do for your health (while you're sitting around watching Netflix all weekend).

WHY YOU NEED A BIG CUP OF NAMASTE MOTHR F**KER:  There's a new set of yogis in town and we're here for the elastic waistbands.  We want something that says "we might work out later," because hey - we're dreamers.  We may not do the downward dog but we're for dogs and it's basically the same thing.  Okay, yes, we're wearing athletic gear and we're not... athletic.  Namaste Mother F**ker is for the new wave of yogis who do their own thing and want to do it in incredibly comfortable leg wear.

Peace, love and spandex.

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