• Rise & Shine Sippy Cup
  • Rise & Shine Sippy Cup


Rise & Shine Sippy Cup


3.35" x 3.35" x 4.33"

Rise and shine, little one!  Does our mini have trouble getting out of bed until they've had their cup of joe...err, juice?

Get your ray of sunshine's day started on the right foot.  Before your little one heads to daycare and you head off to work, take a few minutes to share your morning routine together.

Nurse on your cup of coffee while your sweetie sips on some freshly squeezed juice served in a Rise and Shine Sippy Cup from Gamago.  After all, families that drink together link together.

No time for a relaxing morning?  No problem.  The cup's removable lid was designed to prevent spillage, so it's the perfect unique accessory to take on the go.

 - Dishwasher safe and BPA-free, safe to use and easy to clean!

 - For the fashionable toddler who likes to stay hip while they sip

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